Winter wraps

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the bees.  In the fall, they slow down as they hunker down for the long winter.  I’ve checked them less often, making sure they’re in good shape but not enough to interfere with their process.  In the fall, they work to seal up any honey, use propolis to fill gaps and cracks, and generally go into winter mode.  We’re now seeing cold enough weather to put on the winter wraps.  The foam on top allows the ceiling of the hive to stay a bit warmer than the walls.  This causes condensation to form on walls where it can run down harmlessly away from the bees instead of on the ceiling above them.  Wet bees are dead bees.  The wrap is similar to bubble wrap, and is foil lined.  It does add a bit of insulation to hold in a bit more heat, but more important is blocking wind, especially if there are any gaps the bees didn’t get fully sealed up.  Once the temperatures are more surely going to be at or below 40 for at least several weeks, we’ll move the hives together and behind large hay bales to further block wind and drifting snow.

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