This is the one…sort of

Happy new year! I hope everyone is staying warm on this very cold day. I decided to finally try a recipe in one of my books by Petra Ahnert. I decided to substitute the lanolin for extra cocoa butter just in case there was an allergy to wool. It worked out though because this lip moisturizer feels so good on your lips.

lip moisturizer
new recipe by Petra Ahnert

I went ahead and poured everything in, preparing it as Petra described in her book. I poured but perhaps I didn’t scrape off the top soon enough because I noticed a small hole forming in the tops of the tubes. It’s not deep and doesn’t do anything to the moisturizer but it’s frustrating to see. The holes are from how uneven the cooling process is where it overflowed as I poured. I’m getting better at pouring but I still add enough to make sure I fully fill each tube.

new recipe
poured new recipe in tubes

I waited the full amount of time to put the lids on and finally got to sample my newest recipe. It’s perfect! Why didn’t I try this sooner? The only problem is there is no trace of peppermint. I didn’t add a lot but really I thought there’d be something. I checked the bottle again of what I thought was food grade peppermint oil and it turns out it’s another bottle of extract just in a different bottle! There’s less alcohol in it than the first bottle I used so it smelled much stronger before I put it in but it still didn’t leave any scent to enjoy in this tube.

Putting the new lip moisturizer on feels so nice. It’s not too soft and not too firm. This recipe has beeswax, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, vitamin E, and peppermint extract.

newest lip moisturizer
newest lip moisturizer ready for label and packaging

It may be flavorless but it works so well and feels so great on my lips. I love how long it lasts too. I just can’t wait to get the labels on! I hope everyone else enjoys it also. Now I need to find the right oils already so I can try this amazing recipe again and enjoy the smells.

I currently have my sample tube in my pocket while I stay cozy and warm under my blanket. I’ll also leave it outside when I finally brave the cold to get to the store. I can’t wait to share this new lip moisturizer with everyone!

Have a great day everyone and stay warm!


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  1. Like the website. Very informative & interesting to see what all is involved. Glad to see everything is made with natural ingredients.

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