It’s a new year!

Hi all! I hope you are enjoying your 2019 so far! It’s a very snowy day for us which my kids and dogs are loving. Me, I’m inside making body butter for my drying hands. I’ll get out later to enjoy it but it’s not fun having dry hands and I need my body butter.

Speaking of my body butter, I discovered an issue with my last batch of oils I bought in which the scent didn’t last in my products. If you have had an issue of recently purchasing any items that you’re not 100% happy with send it back and I’ll give you a new one. The products are only good for about a year so I will be adding a best buy date from now on.

I’ve been looking for a good place that sells real, pure oils. I only want the real deal because I use very few ingredients and they are all the real deal. It’s important to get the right ingredients because you are using them on your skin. I don’t scent my candles because it’s pure beeswax only and that alone is great. It doesn’t need any fillers and neither do my cosmetics.

I’ve been thinking and researching a lot about this and talked to multiple people who are more knowledgeable than me on the subject. Today I’m testing the lavender Young Living oil. It is very potent so after only 10 drops I knew I needed to double batch it so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming. With my last oil I was adding 30 drops and it continued to need more! From what I read that seems to be from watering it down to make the oil last longer. I don’t know if this is the case but I don’t want to make something last longer just to make my prices lower. I’m very disappointed but I’m excited about trying different oils and finding just the right one for my products. I’m hoping that means I don’t have to mess with my prices too much but I’ll be going through and possibly repricing items.

I’ve also purchased 2 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz containers for my body butter. I’m so excited so I can always keep a container with me in my purse and have one in the shower. As I purchase and experiment with different oils I’ll update the online shop but for now I don’t have any cosmetics for sale until this is fixed. I’m also upset with the smell of the cocoa butter even though I purchased the same stuff from the same seller. I recently purchased a cocoa butter through a new company so I’ll be testing that as well. I only want to use great, pure, healthy products and I wouldn’t sell anything less than that because you all deserve the best as well.

While I’m on here I’ll be starting again with booths in May. I have two so far set up and I’m hoping to be a part of our local farmer’s market. I will keep everyone updated and add dates, etc on our events page. Come back every so often to check our events so you can get our quality products. I’m very proud of the items we produce so I want you all to enjoy them too.

Have a great week and stay warm.


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