It’s a fun and busy year

Hi everyone! I hope all are well. It’s turning into a very busy year for us. I’ve been super busy filling orders, getting ready for a silent auction for a charity event, and making new products. Currently, I’m attempting a body butter and a lotion bar. I’m really excited and hope they turn out.

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The great fails of beeswax

Hi everyone! We’re stuck inside thanks to this big snow storm. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. I was going through some pictures of my journey in beeswax and found so many fails. I thought maybe we should all have a laugh at my expense and view them together. Enjoy!

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This is the one…sort of

Happy new year! I hope everyone is staying warm on this very cold day. I decided to finally try a recipe in one of my books by Petra Ahnert. I decided to substitute the lanolin for extra cocoa butter just in case there was an allergy to wool. It worked out though because this lip moisturizer feels so good on your lips.

lip moisturizer
new recipe by Petra Ahnert

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