And we’re off…!


It’s been a while since my last post.  Thanks to good weather I’ve had little time to spare so I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like.  At my last post news was not good.  We lost a lot of hives this year.  While we were still in winter mode awaiting spring, it suddenly jumped right to summer with May delivering day after day of high 90’s and little rain.  Blooms were good, but the dry weather did little in the way of nectar for the bees.  The pollen was great though, and the hives built up quickly.  I did my queen rearing a month late due to weather, but still got 8 new queens to add to my surviving 4.  I split several hives to receive them.  I also spent time with all the failed hives cleaning up frames and boxes, painting them and doing repairs as needed.  We also added some new equipment this year. Continue reading “And we’re off…!”

Queen cell jail

4-15-17 Queens in their cell jails.

Here are the cells I grafted earlier, now moved from the bar to cell jails.  This specially designed bar holds each cell in a separate jail where she can emerge.  The worker bees can feed her through the screen.  Queens will actively hunt down other queens and unemerged cells to kill the others.  This jail prevents that from happening.

Grafting day

4-3-17 Larvae in the cell cup.

Today is grafting day.  Grafting is the process of creating new queens by mimicking conditions when the bees will create a queen. Continue reading “Grafting day”